Business Plan 

Useful Guide to Writing a Business Plan

When starting a business, several business financiers require the entrepreneur to have a business plan, a structure that outlines the goals of the company as well the future plans of the business. However, the task can be a challenge especially to new entrepreneur with little knowledge of operating a business. Below are tips to help when writing a business plan:

Before writing a business plan, understand its purpose first. Why do you need a business plan? Is it to facilitate the process of securing a loan or is it to help assist the daily operations of the company? Prepare the business plan with the intended audience in mind, e.g. if the plan is meant to help secure financial funding, remember that your audience, in this case, will be the lending facility- e.g. a bank.  This kind of audience will want to see the plans you have listed for the business and the ways listed as help gain returns on the money the bank will have invested in the business.  A business plan to be used by your employees will include details of what is expected of each employee about helping achieve company's goals, go here!

Conduct thorough market research before writing a business plan. This is to help outline in your business plan, your intended market and target customers, as well as how you will be expected to penetrate the market. What is the size of your intended market? What are some of the challenges the business might face while trying to penetrate the market? At the same time, you will need to survey the current competition. Who are your possible competitors? Understand the strength and weaknesses of the potential competitors and outline them on the business plan. Indicate what you intend to do to maximise on your competitors' weaknesses.  The research will also help in knowing whether your competitors have met the demands of the products or services in the current market. Talk to the possible clients. What is it that they do not get from the current supplier? Get more facts about business at

While preparing the business plan, cover all the essential areas of your business. Outline your aims or goals, your visions as well as expectations. Lay out the investment plan, your intended sources of income and expected expenditures.  Remember that when the business starts operations, the business plan will be the guiding tool for running your business. Describe the number of employees you intend to begin with and their respective remuneration packages. Click here to read more!